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Infrastructure Island 

UCLA / NOW institute research proposal UCLA SUPRASTUDIO - Thom Mayne Urban studio  

The Hainan south sea pearl man-made island provides a unique opportunity for architects and urban designers; no context, no history and no land - a carte blanche. Such a unique opportunity allowed us to explore the fundamentals and necessities of the urban environment in our search to create a non-conformist multi-layered island experience. The project emphasizes the the one-of-a-kind edge experience all islands share. We’ve created an array of opportunities to explore and discover the island’s outer and inner edges, the open sea and the inner bay. We celebrate the island’s man made qualities by revealing the ‘true nature’ of it, creating environments, places, parks and building suitable for the man-made, rather than trying to emulate the natural. Using recent technology to provide a convenient, amphibious and seamless transportation system, we create an island suitable to everyone, without compromising its walkability and urban qualities. Team: Luyan Shen, Yake Wang 

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